Janitorial Services

services team Based in Nashville, TriStar Building Services is the leading janitorial services company in Tennessee. Privately owned, we clean upwards of 12 million square feet of office, medical and industrial space each night with a simple mission: We provide quality cleaning services for commercial and industrial facilities. In doing so, we also create a steady, reliable and growing employment source for the community – a workforce dedicated to excellence in cleaning and customer satisfaction!
Keys to our proven record of success include:

o A management team that is results-oriented and second to none.
o Quality-conscious staff that focuses on excellence.
o Regular detailed inspections of our work.
o Rapid follow-up on Customer requests and concerns.

Quality Service * High Standards * Customized Services

The professionals of TriStar Building Services take pride in their work by consistently adhering to high standards of performance and an even higher degree of integrity. We use only state-of-the-art equipment, supplies and qualified personnel. Our goal is to create close working relationships with our Customers. In the process, we commit ourselves to total Customer satisfaction.

We are pro-active in all communications with our Customers, focusing on eliminating concerns before they become problems. We monitor every request and complaint to ensure our Customers, are satisfied in a timely manner. We understand that our performance is essential to your business, and we realize the necessity of adhering to the highest standard of quality assurance.

What does all of this mean? Simply put, you will not find a more dedicated, professional, and responsive janitorial company than TriStar Building Services!

Call Scott Alexander at 615.383.5252 or use the “contact us” section for a quote and references.